Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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More Smile Makeovers
Our primary goal at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, PLLC, is to insure that patients like you receive the type of treatment they desire and deserve. Dr. Kent White and his dental team know a comfortable setting is vital for making informed decisions and developing sound goals regarding your treatment, which have lasting value and are financially attainable.

Dr. White’s unique and extensive education and that of our team dedicated, highly trained dental professionals as well as our ongoing training make us very excited about how our services can improve your oral health and enhance your smile. So we are always ready to talk with you and welcome any questions.

Superb Health • Natural Look
Dr. White says, “Dentistry is always improving, and today we’re making an incredible impact in our patient’s lives. People all over the world are finding out what it’s like to live without pain from a dysfunctional bite, and are now enjoying a smile that makes their face glow.”

Dr. White’s post doctorate training and a veteran senior instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) removes the stress and worry about choosing the right dentist.

One of the nation’s most skilled comprehensive dentists will guide your preventative and restorative care or cosmetic smile makeover. Ask a team member about the rewards made possible by Advanced, Contemporary and Neuromuscular Dentistry!

Treatment Focus
  • Preventative Dentistry rather emergency based treatment.
  • Dental artistry rather than the dull grey of yesterday. 
  • Empowered, informed patients making educated decisions in their best interest.
  • Name brand technology or product reputation is secondary...
    • Instead Dr. White's focus is on the training and education, which means he is able to provide the best treatment available.
    • i.e. Technology & Services are only as good as the doctor using them.
  • Treatment that considers your mouth and body as a whole rather than “tooth at a time” dentistry.

Our Overall Approach
  • Customized excellence.
  • End “one tooth at a time” dentistry.
  • Allow patients to “connect the value” of how the mouth affects the whole body
  • Empower patients to choose the best treatment plan rather than have dental insurance to guide your decision.
  • Provide comprehensive care with the latest in education, technology and science. 
  • Craft customized treatment plan for all patients
  • Create the smile each patient needs, wants, dreams of having.

Top Products or Services
  • Smile designs (non orthodontic alignment therapy)
  • Updating and replacement of old dentistry
  • Neuromuscular bite therapy
  • Preventative restorations (crown alternatives); biomimetic dentistry
  • Non surgical periodontal treatment
Dr. Kent E. White • Nashville Dentist

Our Nashville Team
  • Dr. Kent E. White: Dentist
  • Gretchen White: Office director
  • Melissa Anderson, RDH: hygienist
  • Carol Burke, RDA: Dental Assistant
  • Dayna Hunter: Patient Coordinator

Advanced Technology
  • VistaCam Intra oral cameras
  • Laser therapy equipment
  • Dexis digital radiography
  • Piezo non surgical periodontal therapy tools
  • Oral DNA Periodontal diagnostic testing
  • Vizilite oral cancer screening
  • Under Armour mouthguards
  • Design for Vision surgical magnification
  • Myotronic neuromuscular equipment
  • Vipersoft digital imaging simulation software
  • Zoom laser teeth whitening
Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

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