Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smiling Never Goes Out of Style, Healthier the Wealthier!

One of Nashville Dentist, Dr. Kent E. White's patients took some time to write out how she felt after the rejuvenation and aesthetic changes made possible by his dental expertise.

Not 'Just Get By' but get it right and lasting value dentistry!


Sandy S. Writes,

I just wanted to send a note to let you know what a difference my new smile has made in my life. As cheesy as that sounds, I can’t fully explain this with words and for people who have not had to experience this then I don’t know that they would fully understand. I don’t think an e-mail is going to adequately describe this but I thought I would try to jot some things down so that you can use any or all of this as a testimonial. 

Sandy's Before and After Smile Photos
My experience with the whole process has been extremely easy and virtually pain free. Initially, I was very nervous about the entire process as you know and it took me some time to decide based on the financial investment. 

You guys did a phenomenal job! I appreciate your personal attention to my needs and wants and all the hard work that you all put into helping me. 

I would recommend Dr. White and your office to anyone. I feel very fortunate that I stumbled across your website. So thank you very much for making my smile makeover such an easy experience. 

I can’t even describe the change this has made in my outlook and attitude. The physical appearance is obvious, but the change in my countenance and confidence level has been dramatic. So dramatic even my closet friends have commented on it. 

While I feel that I was a happy and confident person before, I don’t think that I displayed it in my attitude or the way that I carried myself. And now my confidence and happiness is very evident. 

The ease with which I can smile now and feel confident about my smile is incredible. I have had people I work with joke with me and tell me that I look way too happy now and that I smile too much. My family, friends and coworkers have all been very supportive of me, and this change. 
Sandy's 'After'  Smile Portrait - Dentistry by Dr. White
You know that I have lived with the tetracycline staining for 36 years. This past summer for the first time in my life, I have had people that I don’t even know actually comment on what a pretty smile that I have. Again, I hate to be repetitive but what an incredible feeling it is to have anyone compliment me on something that I have been so self-conscious about my entire life.

When we were doing the temporary teeth part of my treatment you asked me if I had any regrets. I can honestly say that I have had no regret at all. The time and money that I have invested have been well worth it and I would do it all over again without any hesitation. If anything, I should have had the smile makeover earlier but maybe it is just all about timing. 

Anyway, I think I have rambled enough. The only other thing that I can say is thank you 
Dr. White and your team.
Nashville Dentist,
Kent White
Transformed Smiles Movie ONE

Transformed Smiles Movie TWO

All Smiles By Nashville Dentist Dr. Kent E. White

Dr. Kent White and our Nashville Team at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Look At A Tooth Loss Leader: Periodontal 'Gum' Disease

As a doctor of dentistry, Nashville dentist Dr. Kent E. White, is extensively trained in oral health enhancement. Improving and maintaining overall health is the foundation of our approach. And, gum disease is a critical area where dental and overall health converge.

Gum (periodontal) disease is the LEADING cause of adult tooth loss. The destructive power of this gum tissue infection is considerable. For example, TOTAL tooth loss occurs in over 22 percent of the US population by the time a persons turns the age of 65.

REVIEW a Continuing Education Course, focused on (gum) soft tissue management, Dr. Kent White recently attended ~ click here.

As for Tennessee, sadly, we are near the top for tooth loss – at just over 32% - or 3rd out of 52 states and territories. Therefore, by the time a Tennessean turns 65, one out of every three will not have any teeth versus less than one out of four generally and the lowest tooth loss states
it is only about one out of every ten. (SourceStateMaster.com)

So Time To Take Back Our Oral Health!
 > What Should You Do?

  • First: Take a deep breath, and..
    • Realize the potential for making a hchange in YOUR situation have very few limits!
  • Second, Be proactive about your overall health.
  • Third, Prevent health complications caused by gum disease.
  • Fourth, Start Brushing and flossing regularly
  • Fifth, Know the Symptoms of Periodontal Disease (first List below)

Schedule Your Consultation or Appointment
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Some Common Symptoms:
  • Gums Bleed after brushing
  • Teeth become loose 
  • Gums redden
  • Gums swell up
  • Sore gums
  • Bad breath/halitosis
  • Dentures become loose/fit is changes 
  • Teeth become sensitive
  • Gums pulling away from your teeth 
  • Your bite will change/how you bite down when eating 
AFTER - Dentistry By Dr. White
NOTE: Some symptoms are very early, others later in the disease progression.
Periodontal disease is a managed or controlled and not a one time cure. Gum disease is always trying to takes more advantage of your teeth and mouth, establishing a beachhead to overwhelm your dental health. A place where the build up of dental plaque (generated by natural always present (microorganisms) can create an environment for oral/tooth decay. Some people will have less trouble than others because of genetic differences, but with few exceptions the damage will occur without some professionally administered treatments and therapies.
Once dental plaque becomes calculus/tartar (mineralized plaque) most generally used home care methods are unlikely to be effective in reversing the direction of the deterioration.

While losing teeth is a devastating experience, many people are likely to have other serious health complications before gum disease seriously affects their smile. According to recent medical studies, illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and pneumonia can be caused by the infectious buildup in the periodontal pockets around your teeth, and plaque on them.

Because periodontal disease is a blood infection, it has the potential to put serious stress on your immune system. Just like almost any infection can become serious – oral infections left untreated can be destructive as well.

Recent evidence suggests that poor dental hygiene results in substantial plaque buildup makes possible the development of oral ‘respiratory’ bacteria. The research points toward unhealthy organisms finding their way from the periodontal pockets to the lower airway, causing lung infection.

Those with a destructive form of periodontal disease are most affected by pneumonia, which causes 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. While not as obvious missing teeth, this infection – at whatever stage it has progressed – should not be ignored.

From a positive perspective, one study showed a simple preventative dental care treatment was able to reduce pneumonia rates by 65% in patients in the clinical trial noted on the CDC website.

In addition to respiratory diseases, periodontal infections are also linked to various other ailments noted below.

Healthy Mouth. Healthy Patient. Healthy Practice.

The bacteria that causes periodontal disease can reach far beyond the oral cavity and are associated with other health issues such as:

  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Strokes
  • Respiratory infections
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disease
  • Oral cancer
Terminology & Other Oral Health Information

Our Hygienist with Patient

Gingivitis is characterized by localized inflammation, swelling, and bleeding gums without a loss of the bone that supports the teeth. Daily removal of dental plaque from the teeth is extremely important to prevent gingivitis.

Pregnancy gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease, which if left untreated may lead to a more severe form of periodontal disease, known as periodontitis, commonly called gum disease. Brushing and flossing every day can reverse gingivitis, the body’s response to the sticky, bacterial plaque that constantly forms on teeth that can lead to severe periodontal disease.

(SourceCDC, oral health)

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by infection of the supporting tissues around the teeth. Periodontitis starts with dental plaque. This clear, sticky film builds up on your teeth from starches and sugars interact with naturally forming bacteria in your mouth. It is necessary to remove plaque every day with brushing and flossing because it quickly build up again in about 24 hours.

(SourceCDC, oral health)

When plaque stays on your teeth longer than two or three days, it can harden under your gumline into tartar/calculus. This stubborn white buildup makes plaque harder to remove, creating a pool for bacteria to play out its damaging affects. And, brushing and flossing can't eliminate tartar — only a dental visit style professional cleaning will do the job to get rid of it. (source: Wikipedia/dental)

Oral Health for Adults (Source: CDC, oral health)

Tobacco. Smokers have 4 times the risk of developing gum disease compared to non-smokers. Tobacco use in any form—cigarette, pipes, and smokeless (spit) tobacco—increases the risk for gum disease, oral and throat cancers, and oral fungal infection (candidiasis). Sugar in spit tobacco increases tooth decay risks.

Alcohol. Heavy use of alcohol is also a risk factor for oral and throat cancers. When used alone, alcohol and tobacco are risk factors for oral cancers, but when used in combination the effects of alcohol and tobacco are even greater.

Diabetes. Diabetic patients should work as hard as possible control their disease. This helps prevent diabetic complications like an increased risk of gum disease.

Medications. Do any of your medicines produce dry mouth? If so, ask your doctor if there is a substitute drug. If the dry mouth can’t be avoided, drink enough water, chew sugarless gum, and avoid tobacco and alcohol to avoid gum disease.

MORE Oral Health Facts (source: CDC)

AFTER - OUR Patient

Bone Loss & Gum Pockets/Disease Formation
Periodontitis destroys the bone that support your teeth. This causes the loose teeth problem, which is noticeable after many years of missed dental visits for ongoing periodontal treatment. Many studies have shown that non-surgical scaling and root planing is often successful when pockets are shallower than 4–5 millimeters.

Pockets in the 5-6 millimeter range and larger which remain after initial treatments, and still bleeding after probing, usually mean ongoing disease, leading often to more bone loss in the future. It is more likely with molar teeth where there are ‘defective areas’ around the tooth roots can be seen.


Gentle Gum Check By Hygienist Causes Bleeding (source: UMN Div. of Periodontology)
It means there is inflammation when bleeding occurs during gentle probing. Bleeding can be seen almost instantly when a site is probed or not for 10 seconds or so after a site is probed.

The clinical periodontal evaluation is used by the Center For Advanced Dentistry team to gather information about your gum, bone and teeth health. Dr. White wants to have the whole picture of your periodontal health status. Many facts gathered during the periodontal assessment involves the use of a periodontal probe.

Another Good Article 

REVIEW a Continuing Education Course, focused on (gum) soft tissue managementLVI trained restorative and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kent White recently attended ~ click here.


Nashville Dentist,
Kent White
Transformed Smiles Movie ONE

Transformed Smiles Movie TWO

All Smiles By Nashville Dentist Dr. Kent E. White

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Treatment: Soft Tissue Health~Local to Systemic

Dr. Kent E. White of Nashville recently attended a vital continuing education course covering periodontal (gum) disease management and tooth loss prevention.
With about 80% U.S. adults having some form of gum disease, the need for more extensive training and education to help patients here in the Nashville area and around the country is obvious. Dr. White and his team are dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment to combat the effects of this all too common and very aggressive gum, enamel, root, bone, teeth and smile appearance ravaging disease.

Fortunately, Dr. Kent White and his team at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee are able to help patients no matter what the condition of their smile is. While ongoing prevention and early intervention are better than later in the disease progression, patients should never worry their condition is untreatable.

Even if significant tooth loss has occurred, Dr. White can develop a treatment plan to restore oral health and smile confidence. From replacing one or two teeth with dental implants to a complete smile makeover, there are wide range of therapies he can employ. His expertise in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental care is something many patients have seen give them the youthful and healthy smile they deserve.

One of the most vital elements of effective periodontal disease management is Dr. White’s ability to use many non-surgical techniques to maintain the health of your teeth and even to bring a smile back from the brink. At the Center for Advanced Dentistry the focus is optimal dental health along with maintaining a youthful appearance to your smile. Totally healthy smiles are great looking smiles.

Dr. White uses state of the art periodontal technologies in treatment and for accurate diagnosis. Getting away for the surgical aspects of treating periodontal disease as much as possible insures more people will seek out care.

Some of the ‘comfort technology’ Dr. Kent White of Nashville utilizes is a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and irrigator that requires less pressure when removing the build up on teeth and the jaw bone. In many cases, we are able to eliminate the need for local anesthesia during the procedure. The handpiece he uses is designed to improve the his field of vision without causing an increase in heat from the instrument.

The dentistry continuing education course Dr. Kent E. White attended was developed and sponsored by Zila, Inc.

> It offers comprehensive oral care and cancer screening products.

Healthy Mouth. Healthy Patient. Healthy Practice.

Soft Tissue Management® (STM)® is a program unique to Zila. With more than 20 years of proven results, STM® incorporates the use of Zila dental products for treating patients at all stages of oral health – from healthy to advanced periodontitis.

STM® is:
  • An organized system for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease, and for the early detection of oral cancer.
  • A non-surgical approach to diagnose, prevent, treat and manage the progression of early to moderate stages of periodontal disease in a general practice.
  • A program that provides comprehensive and structured practice management tools for early to moderate disease with ongoing support.

Advanced Periodontal Treatment: Soft Tissue Health: Local to Systemic 
Learn More about Periodontal Disease.

Dr. Kent E. White
Transformed Smiles Movie ONE
Transformed Smiles Movie TWO
All Smiles By Nashville Dentist Dr. Kent E. White

Dr. Kent White and our Nashville Team at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Continuing Smile Care to Comprehensive Confidence: Nashville Dentist's Approach

Sometimes people call the Center for Advanced Dentistry and ask, “Do you do aesthetic and regular care, too.” If they mean, regular checkups and oral health care, we say, “Yes.

Dr. Kent E. White offers advanced care, like porcelain, ceramic materials (not silver/mercury fillings or porcelain-metal crowns). He sees patients on a regular basis insure new or natural smiles last a lifetime.

Besides restorative and smile enhancement services, dental patients can benefit from the preventative care offered at the Center for Advanced Dentistry:
  • Periodontal/Gum Disease Prevention – Perio disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Our office provides a gum tissue management program that if professionally followed at least every six months can control the serious damage of gum disease, which includes losing teeth and bone deterioration.
  • Fluoride Treatments – For adults and children. Fluoride helps keep minerals on the enamel that are positive for tooth health as well as improving conditions for mineralization (making teeth stronger where cavities were forming). Fluoride Treatment also makes it more difficult for bacteria that can cause cavities, and weakening acid attacks that break down the teeth. Decay risk is lessened more when when a good diet and oral hygiene are blended with fluoride, a natural and safe treatment.
  • Dental Sealants – sealing out disease: getting sealants helps avoid tooth decay. This sealing treatment covers the chewing surfaces of back teeth, keeping germs and food, which cause cavities. If teeth are coated using dental sealants before decay, dental patients save time and money over the long haul since fewer fillings, crowns or other restorative work is needed because less tooth decay occurs.
  • Home Dental Care – can include various dental treatments, therapies, nutritional support and homeopathic alternatives.
Achieving Complete Oral Health, Smile Confidence

Comprehensive Analysis
Successful restorative and aesthetic dental treatment takes careful planning and attention to detail.

Dr. White's Dental & Smile Health Analysis consists of the following elements:
  • Diagnostic casts of your mouth are made
  • X-ray analysis
  • Diagnostic slides and digital photography
  • Smile and Facial Analysis
  • Smile preview
      • Computer imaging is performed for an instant ‘new smile preview’
      • Diagnostic models are created for a 3-dimensional view of your ‘new smile”
  • Customized temporary restorations are until any lab-crafted restorations are completed
  • Final restorations are bonded and any laser contouring is performed
  • “After” clinical photographs are taken
  • Studio portraits are taken
  • Preventative And Smile (Aesthetic) hygiene management program is developed
Dr. White's Patient: Finally Done Right
The initial, short appointment involves diagnostic photography plus impressions of your teeth and client selection of colors, shapes, etc. Then a diagnostic, 3-dimensional model is created and/or a computer-simulated smile is developed.

Dr. White's Patient: Attitude Rewarded

The first treatment session involves the artistic design and preparation of the teeth and placement of the custom temporary teeth. The impressions, pictures and comments about your smile will be sent to the right ceramist for your dental makeover with detailed instructions to create a personalized and individualized smile design.
This information and your suggestions will help Dr. Kent White of Nashville create a customized temporary teeth to be used while our dental lab crafts your final restorations.

Dr. White's Patient: Definitely Unique, Best Compliment
A follow up phone call with the master ceramist will finalize the details of your smile restorations. You will be given specific post-treatment details on how to prepare for the second session.

Dr. White's Patient: From Sad Outlook to Super Future
Final photographs are taken, an in-office studio portrait is taken. Then, you are on your way with the smile you’ve always wanted!

Dr. Kent White and our Nashville Team at the Center of Advanced Dentistry.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry? Dr. Kent E. White

Healing & Harmony through Art & Science.

“Neuromuscular dentistry is especially important for those who are considering a smile makeover or who are experiencing oral and facial pain.” Kent E. White, DDS

Correct Jaw Position

Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) differs from common dental practices. Traditionally and currently, dentists tend to focus on the teeth and joints. The neuromuscular approach goes further and bases much of its success on getting the muscles and nerves to coexist correctly between your teeth and joints.

By objectively and scientifically measuring muscle function in respect to jaw posture, and evaluating jaw movement and function, the optimal resting posture of your jaw can be determined.

Why is NMD so important? 

Without the teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints in harmonious balance, people can develop painful complications: known by some as TMJ or TMD. The relaxing of muscles and tension often create an effect like a rejuvenating facelift. A more youthful look and enhanced comfort is the result.

Attention to Details

Achieving success requires time, patience and, most of all, covering all the bases. Utilizing computerized diagnostic tools, focusing on the details, and maintaining a high-level of training makes it possible to improve how people feel about their teeth, oral comfort and dentistry in general. Consistent, predictable results allow patients to experience relief from perhaps decades of pain.

Even if patients don't come with specific pain issues and are just seeking restorative and cosmetic enhancements, preliminary evaluations in the neuromuscular approach are followed to uncover any problems that might occur in a smile makeover.

Full-Mouth Treatment

Conservative full-mouth reconstruction (preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible) can reclaim your oral health. Full-mouth treatment is used in combination with NMD to attain oral/facial comfort and proper function for the long-term.

The NMD Focus

As Dr. Kent White of Nashville explains, "It is important to treat the whole patient not just their teeth. This is not one-tooth-at-time, erratic patchwork dentistry; neuromuscular dentistry with full mouth treatment is planned, enduring success, which includes a beautiful, natural smile.”

Melanie's Before & After
Melanie's NMD Success Story

"I was told I would need to take out one of my molars due to severe decay and I wanted to get a second opinion. I chose to completely redo my entire mouth. I saved my upper molar, corrected my cross bite, removed my silver fillings and had my smile restored and temporized all in one morning!"

Paula's Before & After
Paula's NMD Success Story

"I have been a headache sufferer for twenty years and had a ringing in my right ear. It has been over a year since I had my upper teeth restored and my bite changed to the correct neuromuscular position. I no longer have the intense - continuing headaches and tinnitus as I had over the years!"

Glenda's Before & After
Glenda's NMD Success Story

"This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My bite was opened and moved forward. The years of nasal congestion, stuffiness and drainage was greatly reduced and I could breathe better than ever before. I had been to countless doctors over the years, was medicated and/or told there is nothing more we can do. I am amazed!"

Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: Why Dental Implants? From Nashville, TN Dentist Dr. Kent White

Dr. White provides his patients with comprehensive smile care, which includes when appropriate, implant dentistry.

Various forms of dentistry can provide positive restorative results.

Yet, dental implants add even more value. Implants are natural looking and are as strong as natural teeth. Adjacent teeth are protected -- no need to attach a bridge or partial denture to them, making the procedure more conservative of your surrounding healthy teeth.

Implant dentistry is total oral health rejuvenation with the added benefit of beautifully natural smile makeover. It's dental care everyone should consider who is a missing tooth or or many teeth teeth, and then experience.

Both implants and implant supported dentures are long term smile healthy treatments.

Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

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Dr. Kent E. White Teaches CE Course For Local Dentists

Dr. Kent E. White
Course Name

  • How to deliver care, diagnose problems, avoid complex problems of TMD, TMJ and related disorders in Dental Patients

Featured Speaker
  • Kent White, DDS
  • LVI Senior Instructor
Dr. Kent White is a Senior Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies - an LVI Dentist.

His expertise in aesthetic (or cosmetic), reconstructive and neuromuscular dentistry, and, his experience as an LVI instructor will make this session an informative workshop for all attendees.

Date/Time Presented
  • March 9, 2011
  • 5:45-8:15pm
  • 2.0 CEUs
  • Mahan Center
  • 2531 Park Drive Ste C
  • Nashville, TN 37214
· Offering patients relief from this disorder
· Signs and symptoms
· Treatment Options
· Pitfalls in making the wrong treatment choices

Make sure all of the dentists and other primary care professionals in your office mark their calendars for this timely program.

Dr. White has taught dentists from around the country and locally in and around Nashville and Tennessee.

CALL (615) 208.9687

2300 21st Avenue South, Suite 103

Nashville, TN 37212

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. White Appears On MDTV - Featured Nashville Dentist

Program Featuring Dr. Kent E. White's 
Advanced, Comprehensive Approach To Dental Care

Local Nashville dentist, Kent E. White, DDS, was featured on MDTV, a show presenting local experts health and wellness. The show gave him the ability to provide insight into the dilemmas with presenting dental treatment today, and how to prepare his own patients for treatment plan presentation.
"When seen by dentists in the past, patients have been told that things were fine, because they based diagnosis on the presence or absence of pain," Dr. White said. "That troubles me, because usually that means the tooth is already in the process of 'dying' and it means we missed the opportunity to work on this tooth years ago."

Dr. Kent White explains in the MDTV program that he prefers stopping tooth deterioration before pain occurs, and before lasting harm can set in.
"Catch things before they hurt; that's really the philosophy that we use here," said Dr. White.

Trained in advanced preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry, Dr. White's office in Nashville offers a comprehensive array of services, from the purely cosmetic to the critically restorative. What interests Dr. White the most, perhaps, is the idea of giving his patients the best of both worlds-a healthy and beautiful smile that not only prevents pain and decay, but also gives his patients confidence in their smile.

Nashville area dentist, Dr. Kent E. White and MDTV showcase the benefits of avoiding or stopping tooth failure before pain and lasting harm occurs. The TV show and online video give him the chance to clearly explain the value of advanced dentistry. Including how a comprehensive dental approach is most beneficial, especially for patients still searching for the right solution, dentist and office.
Dr. Kent E. White, Nashville Dentist
"We're able to save most of our teeth with inlays or onlays," said Dr. White. "We basically restore the tooth back to its original health, strength, and beauty in the most conservative manner possible. That is the kind of dentistry that I think we should be moving forward with."
Aside from many dentists basing diagnoses on the presence of pain, Dr. White sees a real challenge in teeth that continue to decay behind or under a metal filling.
"There's not a day that goes by that we don't see a tooth that has a real large silver (mercury) filling that has split a tooth or has broken a part of a tooth," Dr. White said. "A big epidemic that we face is that we can't x-ray through them. These large metal fillings are outlasting our teeth."
Further, Dr. White noted how training and continuing education can vary greatly from dentist to dentist.
"Currently there are only 3-7% of dentists that go on to do clinical training or residency or a fellowship after dental school," is one example Dr. White cites.

While Dr. White treats each patient's mouth for health first and beauty second, he knows that many of his happiest patients chose to take a comprehensive approach. And doing so takes less time than patients expect, leaving them pleasantly surprised for the long term.
"Ideally we always want to treat the disease first and foremost, and most of the time when you're having comprehensive care done here, you're getting it all done at once."
Dr. White's reason for appearing on the program, distilled to its essence, was to spread the word to patients: look for a dentist who doesn't wait until you experience pain to treat your teeth.
"The primary purpose was to get the message out of alternative and contemporary methods to help alleviate periodontal disease and tooth deterioration. Make the public aware of just how catastrophic some of our issues are in dentistry right now. Give the public a view of what alternatives there are."
Nashville area dentist, Dr. Kent E. White and MDTV showcase the benefits of avoiding or stopping tooth failure before pain and lasting harm occurs. The TV show and online video give him the chance to clearly explain the value of advanced dentistry. Including how a comprehensive dental approach is most beneficial, especially for patients still searching for the right solution, dentist and office.

Contact Information


Center For Advanced Dentistry
2300 21st Avenue South, Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37212

Complete MDTV Feature

Video Excerpt Here.

Dr. White also formerly worked with Embassy Dental in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome To Dr. Kent White's Blog

More Smile Makeovers
Our primary goal at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, PLLC, is to insure that patients like you receive the type of treatment they desire and deserve. Dr. Kent White and his dental team know a comfortable setting is vital for making informed decisions and developing sound goals regarding your treatment, which have lasting value and are financially attainable.

Dr. White’s unique and extensive education and that of our team dedicated, highly trained dental professionals as well as our ongoing training make us very excited about how our services can improve your oral health and enhance your smile. So we are always ready to talk with you and welcome any questions.

Superb Health • Natural Look
Dr. White says, “Dentistry is always improving, and today we’re making an incredible impact in our patient’s lives. People all over the world are finding out what it’s like to live without pain from a dysfunctional bite, and are now enjoying a smile that makes their face glow.”

Dr. White’s post doctorate training and a veteran senior instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) removes the stress and worry about choosing the right dentist.

One of the nation’s most skilled comprehensive dentists will guide your preventative and restorative care or cosmetic smile makeover. Ask a team member about the rewards made possible by Advanced, Contemporary and Neuromuscular Dentistry!

Treatment Focus
  • Preventative Dentistry rather emergency based treatment.
  • Dental artistry rather than the dull grey of yesterday. 
  • Empowered, informed patients making educated decisions in their best interest.
  • Name brand technology or product reputation is secondary...
    • Instead Dr. White's focus is on the training and education, which means he is able to provide the best treatment available.
    • i.e. Technology & Services are only as good as the doctor using them.
  • Treatment that considers your mouth and body as a whole rather than “tooth at a time” dentistry.

Our Overall Approach
  • Customized excellence.
  • End “one tooth at a time” dentistry.
  • Allow patients to “connect the value” of how the mouth affects the whole body
  • Empower patients to choose the best treatment plan rather than have dental insurance to guide your decision.
  • Provide comprehensive care with the latest in education, technology and science. 
  • Craft customized treatment plan for all patients
  • Create the smile each patient needs, wants, dreams of having.

Top Products or Services
  • Smile designs (non orthodontic alignment therapy)
  • Updating and replacement of old dentistry
  • Neuromuscular bite therapy
  • Preventative restorations (crown alternatives); biomimetic dentistry
  • Non surgical periodontal treatment
Dr. Kent E. White • Nashville Dentist

Our Nashville Team
  • Dr. Kent E. White: Dentist
  • Gretchen White: Office director
  • Melissa Anderson, RDH: hygienist
  • Carol Burke, RDA: Dental Assistant
  • Dayna Hunter: Patient Coordinator

Advanced Technology
  • VistaCam Intra oral cameras
  • Laser therapy equipment
  • Dexis digital radiography
  • Piezo non surgical periodontal therapy tools
  • Oral DNA Periodontal diagnostic testing
  • Vizilite oral cancer screening
  • Under Armour mouthguards
  • Design for Vision surgical magnification
  • Myotronic neuromuscular equipment
  • Vipersoft digital imaging simulation software
  • Zoom laser teeth whitening
Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

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